hey everyone! this is just a quick little giveaway post, but i'll have something new and shiny soon! i pinky promise.
the other day, mio from pastel raindrops posted her giveaway for 1,000 followers! this is probably the best giveaway i have ever seen and i couldn't resist entering. mio is one of my biggest inspirations in both fashion and blogging. i actually happened to have drawn her about a week ago. take a look below!

that's pretty much all i have for you today. i hope everyone is well. xx


hi, you guys! sorry i took so long to make a first entry back... i wasn't sure what to write about! i decided it would be appropriate to do a little photo post about a few things i've been up to lately. sorry about the bad quality and inconsistent flash/no flash. i'm hoping to get a new camera soon.

i customized this bulletin board with barbie fabric, lace, bows, and findings! totally spank! inspired. you can also spot the price listing for my booth at anime weekend atlanta as well as a painting i did of sailor moon and my disco stick!

say hi to my new backpack. i love him so much! bought from this ebay user about two weeks ago when i was on vacation (visiting friends in virginia.) i was so excited when it arrived! also notice my homemade mishka nyc "watch out!" pin and bonjour honey star two-way.

you guys... i'm on a total watch kick! i bought a diesel watch a while ago and recently figured out how to set it and it hasn't left my wrist since then. i decided it was time for a switch-up so i bought these for off-days. the one on top is secondhand from american apparel and the keroppi one was bought from an ebay store but was from a happy meal originally. i want a badtz maru one!

new cyber wig in process... can't wait for you guys to see the final product at anime weekend!

now, i've had these ice cream bear rings for quite a while but this is the first time i've thought to take pictures of them. (they're shy!) made these little cuties with polymer clay and added details tediously. each one is totally different. i plan on selling them at awa, let me know if you're interested in purchasing one now though.

a really kitsch t shirt i bought at a thrift store! i'm a sucker for americana, and how much more american does red-white-and-blue coca cola get?

this is probably what i spent the majority of my off time doing... KANDI-MAKING! i started with a little mermaid cuff (bottom left) and it went from there. maybe i'll do a kandi tour? let me know if you'd be interested in seeing that or if you want to trade! :) there's something therapeutic about making kandi to me. i might think about making some stuff for anime weekend but i feel that it contradicts the meaning of kandi.

an experimental drawing i did on a wood panel with paper towel modpodge-ed on with india ink, charcoal, and chalk. based on a still life made up of a cattle skull, a high heel, and a metal ball.

i recently got a craft room! as you can see, it's grossly unorganized at the moment but i'll definitely be doing some cute stuff with it. can't wait to show you guys.

thanks for reading! hopefully i'll do a new post sooner than i promised last time... ;)


nobody probably missed me too terribly much considering that i took a hiatus before i started to gain followers. i have a few pretty good posts planned for the near future, and hopefully i'll be able to post consistently because i have a simple school schedule this year. i'm going to be doing lots more tutorials, i've been crafting a lot lately so i've figured out how to make a lot of cute stuff. i will also probably do a big haul post because i've been shopping like a maniac! :D i'm busy with a few things today but my goal is to post on tuesdays, thursdays, and saturdays every week!

thanks for reading, i can't wait to get back to posting. i missed this blog a lot. :)


hi everyone. i just wanted to update this blog after a super long absence. i apologize for being so shitty about making new entries but this is me telling you all that i'm not dead! i will hopefully be back soon. i don't want to go in to my personal life too much, seeing as how that's not really what this blog is for but i will just say that there has been a lot of sadness in my life lately, not really due to anything in particular.

some stuff in my life has kind of fucked up and i don't know where i want to go with this, i have a super wide range of interests and it makes it hard to have a blog considering that most blogs include very specific tips for a type of style or whatever. i feel a bit like i'm at a crossroads between fashion and i need a little more time to figure out what i like. i am totally tired of manba, and i hate peoples reactions to it in real life and on the internet. whenever i wear manba out (which is once or twice a week nowadays) people are extremely rude and openly mean to me. the internet (like always) is full of people giving advice when they don't know anything about the style, which is to be expected. i've even have people tell me i am "doing ganguro all wrong." if you call what i do ganguro, i'm not sure if you can critique me. i find too many people reading the wikipedia article about ganguro and thinking they know everything about the style. so, with such a lack in community and people's reaction to manba, i have found myself completely bored and annoyed with manba. i've sort of been tempted to try out proper cyber for a little while and i really do like the style. i hate to say it but i'm not fond of the large cyber community. don't take this as a jab if you're cyber, but very few of the people i've talked to are pleasant and sometimes i would swear the cyber community are bitchier than gyaru. fairy kei and lolita appeals to me but i feel that i look stupid in both. i've worn fairy kei a few times and i like the idea of being a spank! boy but i don't have any confidence that the style suits me. i'm planning on trying out lolita at an upcoming convention (which i will have more info about later) but i know i will be called a fatty chan behind my back and i'm far too tall for lolita.

tl;dr i like too many styles and i don't know which to wear because i can find so many problems with me doing them.

i'm sorry to rant, i hope nobody actually reads this thing. i'm just trying to get everything off my chest. sorry for the long absence, if you are a reader. i'll be back soon. xx


hi everyone. i have a review for you today, for sophie and toffee!

i was recommended to get deco supplies here by a friend and i was very pleased with them overall. i will be using a new system for reviews since my circle lens review was sort of informal. each review will be separated by price, customer service, quality, shipping, and overall 5/5 rating.

there's everything i ordered, lots of cabochons!

4/5 price the price of everything on sophie and toffee seemed to be fairly priced. most cabochons were about $1.00 usd and the pearls were a little pricey, about $4.00 for 100.

5/5 customer service
although i didn't have to contact sophie and toffee besides to order, i was pleased with the customer service. ordering is super easy and they send you emails when they receive payment and ship your items. they have really good specials as well, i got a "key word" that a friend can use to say that i referred them and i will receive a special gift. i thought that was awesome!

5/5 quality
the cabochons are all very strong and good quality, none of them arrived chipped or damaged. the glittery ones are crystal clear and you can tell all cabochons are professionally done.

5/5 shipping
i recieved an email when the items shipped and they arrived about two weeks ago from singapore. (i live in atlanta.) they were packed in small, thick envelope wrapped up a couple times in bubble wrap and everything was in a little plastic baggy. i live about a fourth of a mile back in the woods but the package was delivered straight to my door. great shipping.

over all, sophie and toffee is a great website and i would recommend them to anyone. hopefully, i'll have a deco post together for you guys super soon! thanks for reading :)


hi! i hope everyone had a fabulous friday. i did! i found out today that i was accepted to a very exclusive art program, i'm happy. :) on this wonderful day, i bring to you something brand new to this blog! i stole the idea from the dainty squid... favorites friday! mine will be less structured than hers, i'm just going to post pictures that inspired me this week. thanks for reading!

i can't wait for the new post tomorrow! i'm going to my best friend's little brother's chorus concert now, bye. :)

note: the above photos do not belong to me and i would be happy to take any of them down if you request.


hi everyone! this is the first of many good posts i have planned, a haul post! :D most of these items are from momocon, sorry i didn't get around to taking pictures earlier, i've been kind of busy lately. in the next few days, i'm going to have a circle lens post, as well as a little sneak peek at the items i'll be selling at anime weekend atlanta in a couple of months. (if i get approved for a booth!)

my phone's charm thingy broke so i keep picking these dangles up and forgetting that i have nothing to do with them... the stitch strap came in a grab bag and i freaked out that i happened to get my favorite! the stitch plush's mouth can clamp down on stuff and gloomy bear's arms move. :)

sailor moon figures!! i died when i saw a vendor selling these in little tubs (luckily, i got there while they were still inexpensive) i paid approximately three dollars for each of these and i got all of my favorites!

pokemon stuff. :D i'm a really big pokemon fan and meowth is one of my favorites. i picked up the pokeball because i recently lost my only other one and it came with two little rubber figurines.

GLOOMY BEAR PAW BAG! it's sooo roomy and cute. c:

gloomy shopping bag. i've used this so much already, it's a bit bigger than a normal shopping bag and i take it with me when i go to the mall so i only have to carry one bag.

bento box~ this is nice because i've been meaning to buy a simple bento box (my one other one is kuromi themed) and blue is my favorite color. i got this in a "super lucky japanese grab bag" for ten bucks. definitely worth it, considering it came with a whole bunch of other junk. :D

i ordered a blythe in bad condition from a girl through a blythe community in livejournal and got scammed. i bought this little blythe because it's the closest i'll come to a full-sized one for a couple more years.

rilakkuma headphones... the quality of these suckers is terrible but i look so cute while i'm listening to my ipod so i don't mind much!

gloomy bear nail clipper! i got this from ebay, it turns out it's a knockoff ("violence bear") but i'm pretty pleased. it came in the mail just today.

thank you for reading, leave comments and tell me what you've bought recently!