hi, you guys! sorry i took so long to make a first entry back... i wasn't sure what to write about! i decided it would be appropriate to do a little photo post about a few things i've been up to lately. sorry about the bad quality and inconsistent flash/no flash. i'm hoping to get a new camera soon.

i customized this bulletin board with barbie fabric, lace, bows, and findings! totally spank! inspired. you can also spot the price listing for my booth at anime weekend atlanta as well as a painting i did of sailor moon and my disco stick!

say hi to my new backpack. i love him so much! bought from this ebay user about two weeks ago when i was on vacation (visiting friends in virginia.) i was so excited when it arrived! also notice my homemade mishka nyc "watch out!" pin and bonjour honey star two-way.

you guys... i'm on a total watch kick! i bought a diesel watch a while ago and recently figured out how to set it and it hasn't left my wrist since then. i decided it was time for a switch-up so i bought these for off-days. the one on top is secondhand from american apparel and the keroppi one was bought from an ebay store but was from a happy meal originally. i want a badtz maru one!

new cyber wig in process... can't wait for you guys to see the final product at anime weekend!

now, i've had these ice cream bear rings for quite a while but this is the first time i've thought to take pictures of them. (they're shy!) made these little cuties with polymer clay and added details tediously. each one is totally different. i plan on selling them at awa, let me know if you're interested in purchasing one now though.

a really kitsch t shirt i bought at a thrift store! i'm a sucker for americana, and how much more american does red-white-and-blue coca cola get?

this is probably what i spent the majority of my off time doing... KANDI-MAKING! i started with a little mermaid cuff (bottom left) and it went from there. maybe i'll do a kandi tour? let me know if you'd be interested in seeing that or if you want to trade! :) there's something therapeutic about making kandi to me. i might think about making some stuff for anime weekend but i feel that it contradicts the meaning of kandi.

an experimental drawing i did on a wood panel with paper towel modpodge-ed on with india ink, charcoal, and chalk. based on a still life made up of a cattle skull, a high heel, and a metal ball.

i recently got a craft room! as you can see, it's grossly unorganized at the moment but i'll definitely be doing some cute stuff with it. can't wait to show you guys.

thanks for reading! hopefully i'll do a new post sooner than i promised last time... ;)


  1. All your kandi, your craft room, and that drawing! love lovelovelove love ;A;! post more forever jesse ;v; <3

  2. Yay! Your fully back now! ^_^♥
    I missed reading your posts!

    Gosh I totally love all your stuff. x.x
    I look forward to more of your posts. :3♪
    Especially your tutorials.

  3. thanks for the comments, guys! i really appreciate them orz.

    i will be posting a fun tutorial super soon~!

  4. YOU HAVE A DISCO STICK? fffuuuu you are so Jesse sometimes.

    I am so excited about AWA ;ooo; which...of course you already know about xDD

    Oh...and I thought you said "Vagina" instead of "Virginia". "friends visiting in Vagina" like whoa.

    <3 <3

  5. i love mana starre! LOL <3
    i'm gonna bring my disco stick to carry around at awa. ;v; love you!