hi everyone! this is the first of many good posts i have planned, a haul post! :D most of these items are from momocon, sorry i didn't get around to taking pictures earlier, i've been kind of busy lately. in the next few days, i'm going to have a circle lens post, as well as a little sneak peek at the items i'll be selling at anime weekend atlanta in a couple of months. (if i get approved for a booth!)

my phone's charm thingy broke so i keep picking these dangles up and forgetting that i have nothing to do with them... the stitch strap came in a grab bag and i freaked out that i happened to get my favorite! the stitch plush's mouth can clamp down on stuff and gloomy bear's arms move. :)

sailor moon figures!! i died when i saw a vendor selling these in little tubs (luckily, i got there while they were still inexpensive) i paid approximately three dollars for each of these and i got all of my favorites!

pokemon stuff. :D i'm a really big pokemon fan and meowth is one of my favorites. i picked up the pokeball because i recently lost my only other one and it came with two little rubber figurines.

GLOOMY BEAR PAW BAG! it's sooo roomy and cute. c:

gloomy shopping bag. i've used this so much already, it's a bit bigger than a normal shopping bag and i take it with me when i go to the mall so i only have to carry one bag.

bento box~ this is nice because i've been meaning to buy a simple bento box (my one other one is kuromi themed) and blue is my favorite color. i got this in a "super lucky japanese grab bag" for ten bucks. definitely worth it, considering it came with a whole bunch of other junk. :D

i ordered a blythe in bad condition from a girl through a blythe community in livejournal and got scammed. i bought this little blythe because it's the closest i'll come to a full-sized one for a couple more years.

rilakkuma headphones... the quality of these suckers is terrible but i look so cute while i'm listening to my ipod so i don't mind much!

gloomy bear nail clipper! i got this from ebay, it turns out it's a knockoff ("violence bear") but i'm pretty pleased. it came in the mail just today.

thank you for reading, leave comments and tell me what you've bought recently!


  1. The sailor moon figuresssss~~~ It looks so fun to play with chibi moons hair x3! gloomy bag is super duper cool too ;o;

  2. it is! *___*<3 i'm afraid the gloomy bag is scaring children though, hahaha.

  3. ..is it a bad thing to scare children >u>?

  4. I'm so stupid that I didn't know that this was called haul post, & my blog is full of them, anyways, Love your blog & your tumblr, you always made me laugh with that picture of LiLo "idk just thinkin" I always thought that when I saw that picture before watching yours, lovely things you got, comicons of my land are so boring, it is full of crappy & comercial anime stuff, and the only kawaii thing they have is Gloomy-B.. xo http://matsuomapple.jugem.jp

  5. yeah, haul posts are the best! :D thank you for the compliments and for reading. it's too bad about the lack of good stuff at your cons. best wishes. :)

  6. i just looked at your blog... i love it! :D you are one of my new favorites!