hi, everyone. i just wanted to make a quick post because i'm tired of seeing the momocon pictures as the last post i've done. wanted to let everyone know that lots of new things are coming for this blog, i'll be working on it a little bit for the next couple days (i can't get the hang of coding for blogspot) and hopefully i'll get everything exactly how i want!

i've been dieting and studying so much lately, i haven't had much time for blogging but i'm waiting on a package from the sticker monster and i should at least have some deco pics for you all to enjoy soon.

in other news, i just found out that i'm going to disney world in two weeks and i'll be getting a car very soon~ i was thrilled to find out both of these pieces of news, everything is actually perfect for once. i hope everyone is doing well, thanks for reading. :)

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