momocon was this weekend! :D i had so so so so much fun... i can't even put it in to words. it's really late right now so i'm just going to do a quick photo dump. sorry if i posted any derpy faces, hehe!

i finally got to meet laffi and mana! i was really excited to finally hang out with them in person. we ran in to each other in line to the dealer's room so my friends and i got to cut in line. xD

i love our faces in this one xD

we asked this girl to take a picture of us and she misunderstood... i kept the picture because it makes me giggle~

i fell in love with this rave bunny!

i was shocked when i heard the girl on the left talking at the japanese street fashion panel... such a cute girl but so loud! xD

julia and i kissed the window! ...not sure why hahaha.

she stole my kigurumi ;___;

maggie! she got a lucky pack from ap and i wanted to steal her outfit, hehe.


some lolita got together for a group snap after the egl panel. they looked great!

like i said, this is just a really quick post. i might tell you guys about my purchases and inspiration for later cons tomorrow. i've been super swamped lately, busy month. /: i have a math final and the graduation test hanging over my head ominously. i wish i could just get them over with!
thanks for reading, guys! <3


  1. Aw! you caught so many great cosplays that I missed! ;ooo;! BAMBAAAAAA <33333

    It was so great meeting you akdlkaaldfak. have to hang out more!!! ;u;!

  2. hehe i had my eye out! :D DECO DAY SOON PLZ! <3

  3. Jesseeee,, I finally found your blog xD