i know the foxtail trend has been going around FOREVER and i'm so late on this, but i've been pining for one of my own, so i decided to save some money and make my own! :D sorry for all the tutorials, but it's the only thing i have very much experience blogging about...

so, first, you need to gather up some "craft fur," a glue gun, scissors, a permanent marker, and whatever you want to put the foxtail on. (here i have a cellphone thingy but it ended up being too small to be functionally so i tore the cellphone charm off of this metal clip.)

the craft fur i bought was already folded in half perfectly, so that part was done for me.
note: i would recommend going to michael's to get your fur, i compared prices and quality and the brand michael carries is much cheaper and seems to be better quality. the fur from hobby lobby sheds like CRAZY.

when the fur is folded, just eyeball this shape with the permanent marker. you might want to make it a little bit smaller than mine, my foxtail ended up being really huge.

fold it back the other way where the non-fur side is on the inside and sew it together. when you get close to the top, fill it with some stuffing (you decide how much depending on how fat you want the tail to be)

sew up the top of the tail and attach the clip-type thing to the top of the fox tail.

run and put your fox tail on yourr bag and show everyone! :)

ps. you can color the tail if you used white fur with fabric markers or dye, but you should color it and let it dry completely before you sew.
thanks for reading!


  1. ;ooo;! When you told me you were posting a foxtail tutorial I was thinking to myself "how would you do thaaat?!" xD Seeing your tutorial its a lot easier than I thought lol! I'm definitely going to try this, especially since I've been wanting a nile perch one, and those are like, $60 xD

  2. @laffi: let me see the results if you really make one! :D the fur i bought is only a few dollars so you'll definitely save some money, LOL! thanks for commenting, i appreciate it. :)