hi everyone. i have a review for you today, for sophie and toffee!

i was recommended to get deco supplies here by a friend and i was very pleased with them overall. i will be using a new system for reviews since my circle lens review was sort of informal. each review will be separated by price, customer service, quality, shipping, and overall 5/5 rating.

there's everything i ordered, lots of cabochons!

4/5 price the price of everything on sophie and toffee seemed to be fairly priced. most cabochons were about $1.00 usd and the pearls were a little pricey, about $4.00 for 100.

5/5 customer service
although i didn't have to contact sophie and toffee besides to order, i was pleased with the customer service. ordering is super easy and they send you emails when they receive payment and ship your items. they have really good specials as well, i got a "key word" that a friend can use to say that i referred them and i will receive a special gift. i thought that was awesome!

5/5 quality
the cabochons are all very strong and good quality, none of them arrived chipped or damaged. the glittery ones are crystal clear and you can tell all cabochons are professionally done.

5/5 shipping
i recieved an email when the items shipped and they arrived about two weeks ago from singapore. (i live in atlanta.) they were packed in small, thick envelope wrapped up a couple times in bubble wrap and everything was in a little plastic baggy. i live about a fourth of a mile back in the woods but the package was delivered straight to my door. great shipping.

over all, sophie and toffee is a great website and i would recommend them to anyone. hopefully, i'll have a deco post together for you guys super soon! thanks for reading :)

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