hi, guys! i have a treat for you today... a tutorial!
lately i've seen a lot of these clips on sweet lolitas and fairy kei-wearers. (i'm not really sure what to call them, i couldn't find any pictures on google.) but i decided my bag could use a couple for decoration and these were just the thing i needed. so, let's get started! :)

first, you'll need to print out the templates i made, or you can make your own templates. you'll need some cardboard, a hot glue gun, whatever you want to put the charm on (i used safety pins, these make cute hair clips, too!), and any very heavy weight yarn.

when you cut out the shapes, they don't have to be perfect, they're going to be covered, anyway.

use the hot glue gun to secure the beginning of the yarn to the shape so it doesn't come lose.

wrapping the yarn around the shape is fairly self-explanatory, see the above diagram for my method.

when you're finished wrapping, repeat the first step and use a hot glue gun to hold the last bit on yarn in place.

slather some hot glue on the back of your little "wreath" and stick whatever you're using on the back.

i chose to decorate my clip with a little teddy bear and some pearls, but this part is completely up to you.

another thing that looks really cool is if you get chains with attached trinkets and attach them to the bottom of your clip.

my finished products!
this is a good segway for me to talk about the other subject of this entry, my new little mermaid bag. :) i made it from some sheets i found at a thrift store. i've looked for a bag with proportions like this forever and i haven't been able to find one, so i'm really pleased!

sorry for the quality, i just wanted to show the bag on

thanks for reading! see you next time. :D


  1. fuuuck that bag is perfect! and so are those clips. I think I'll try making some ;o

    Love your blog! <3

  2. @merlena: thank you for commenting and the compliments! :D