today i made a care bear pouch made from a real care bear plushie!

i've been doing some preparation for momocon, which is next month, and i'm going to be dressing in a really casual vaguely fairy kei outfit and i thought this would be a cute touch~ (not to mention that i needed something to keep my money in... my little twin stars zippy is getting old)

how to make this care bear pouch is really easy, i didn't think to take photos while it was in-progress, but all you really have to do is cut a slit in the back of the plushie's neck, take out the bean bag and stuffing, and put in a new bag. between you and me, i used hot glue to put the bag inside the bear. my sewing can be a little sloppy so i thought if i used hot glue that it would look better. (i got a hell of a blister though...)

in general, i'm pleased with how it came out and i'm really excited to carry this around at the con and show off!

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